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Shiseido Spa

Cala di Volpe, Costa Smeralda, 07021 Porto Cervo, Arzachena, SS, Italy +390789976690

Touch the skin, touch the heart

Enter the world of the brand new SHISEIDO SPA at Hotel Cala di Volpe, and discover Japanese savoir-faire, founded on 140 years of precious experience and OMOTENASHI, a word you have to translate with ‘your heart’. Omotenashi is about ‘devotion to clients’. Leader in health and beauty solutions since 1872, SHISEIDO’s approach takes a holistic perspective, with scents and textures combined, offering treatments and products inspired by an alliance between Eastern traditions and philosophies, and Western science and technology. Dedicated steam rooms and Signature Treatments are available for Him and Her, for face and body, including unique Spa Journeys, featuring the use of Kuroho, an exquisite fragrance treasured by Japanese aristocracy in the 9th century, which provides relaxing effects thanks to its traditional bouquet reflecting the idea of Japanese richness.


Shiseido Spa Cala di Volpe Autumn 2022 Brochure