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Costa Smeralda

A Visionary Project

Costa Smeralda is a visionary project that celebrates Sardinia in all its forms: its nature, its history, its architecture. 96% of its 3116 hectares are green, open and unspoiled. The remaining 4% is defined by a unique genre of architecture, one that encapsulates all the pride of the island, with stylistic references to the Nuragic civilization, to the domus de janas, to the stazzi and concas. An open-air museum of styles, be they Nuragic, Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Judicate, Aragonese, Spanish or Corsican.


Pristine Beaches

Fine white sand and an emerald colour sea. Find it out with our guide to the best Costa Smeralda beaches.

Porto Cervo Travel Guidebook

Unmissable experiences in Costa Smeralda


San Pantaleo Market


Every Thursday the delightful square of San Pantaleo, also known as the "village of artists", fills up with stalls for the popular weekly market. With its colorful displays of exotic dresses, ancient fabrics and laces, products of skilful craftsmanship grown with love, is capable of attracting a growing audience.


La Maddalena Islands

Spend a whole day discovering the wild beauty of the beaches and coves accessible only by boat, dive into the crystal-clear water noticing hundreds of fishes passing around you

Sardinia's DNA & Heritage

The secrets of Sardinia

Cala Granara (Spargi).jpeg

Sardinia is an ancient land, rich in mystery. The intangible cultural heritage offers unique inspiration and transports you in a wonderful journey from its origins to modern times.

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The Heritage

Archeological Sites

Discover ones of best preserved archeological sites in Sardinia and find more about the history of this magical land and its secrets.

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Extraordinary People

"Because Here, Life is Good"

zio pasqualino2.JPEG

Sardinia has been certified as a Blue Zone, one of the places around the world where people live the longest. Why is that? Uncle Pasqualino, one of the Costa Smeralda's Centenarians will explain you...

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