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Blue Zone

Breathe Sardinia, Live Longer...

Sardinia has also been certified as a Blue Zone, one of the places around the world where people live the longest. Why is that?

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Once upon a time...

Cala Granara (Spargi).jpeg

Archaeological evidence of human presence on the island are offered in the form of nuraghes and other prehistoric monuments, which dot the land...

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Traditional Flavors

Culinary Heritage...

Spanish, Ligurian, French, Corsican and North African flavors can be spotted in typical Sardinian recipes.

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Su Coccu

Amulets & Good Luck


"Su coccu", the ancient Sardinian amulet, is used to protect from negative energy. It has the task of soothing the person who wears it from all pain. In the past, it was strictly given as a present.

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The Welcoming Island


A cultural crossroads in the Mediterranean: Sardinia has always been a stop or a waystage for anyone travelling towards Italy, whether from east or west. In fact, the multi-ethnicity of the Sardinian people testifies to this: alongside indigenous Sardinians, you’ll also find people of Spanish, Ligurian, French, Corsican and North African descent.

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